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Soffit Boards

We have an extensive range of Soffit Boards in a variety of different sizes and colours to make an eye-catching improvement to any home.

The colours available across most products are:

White, Black Ash, Anthracite Grey, Rosewood, Golden Oak, Cream Grain, White Ash, Irish Oak, Anthracite Grey Smooth, Black Gloss Smooth, Agate Grey, Chartwell Green


General Purpose Soffit Board

10mm plain soffit board which ranges from 100mm to 600mm wide.


Vented Soffit Board

10mm ventilated soffit board, available in single and double vented, which ranges from 100mm to 600mm wide.


Hollow Soffit Board

10mm tongue and groove soffit board with a hidden fix which ranges from 100mm to 400mm wide.

Telephone Orders

Order can be taken via our sales team on: 01582 650700

Delivery Area

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Card Payment

Card payment can be taken over the phone and in-store

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